Hi guys,

We are working on some of the Test case scenarios with a sample Pentaho demo. We tried to invoke a xaction from a class (.java) file using ISolutionEngine.
When we executed the class file we encounter an error "ExceptionInInitializerError".We dont have any clues of why this is happening.
We had rendered the output into a xml file which also turn out to be empty.
We had provided the sample code below.

final String xactionPath =
"samples/steel-wheels/reports/Income Statement.xaction";
final HashMap parameters = new HashMap();
parameters.put ("output-type", "pdf");

final FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream ("D:/report.pdf");
ISolutionEngine engine = SolutionHelper.execute
("Just a description used for logging ", "User (only for logging)",
xactionPath, parameters, out);
List messages = (List) engine.getExecutionContext().getMessages();


It will be really helpful if we get even a single clue for the reason for this error.
Thanks in advance