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Thread: Unable to publish cube (but no problem publishing from Metadata)

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    Default Unable to publish cube (but no problem publishing from Metadata)

    Done a search but can't find anything.

    I've created a cube based on an SQL Server database. Everything's great until I get to the final step. I can't Publish, View XML or Save my cube. All of the operations appear to go okay - there are no messages, and no locking. Only there is no output made from the application.

    Doesn't matter if I make a new cube on one of the standard databases - it still doesn't work.

    Credentials are correct (I can publish from Metadata) and I've installed as per the installation guide (running with JRE1.5 to get past the GUI bugs).

    Any ideas?

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    One reason why you can't view the xml of the cube is because you probably created the cube wrong. Like having hierarchies in the cubes' dimension taken from several separate tables in the database.

    I don't know if there are other causes for that problem but that's what I've experienced so far. check the hierarchies and dimensions. Hope this could help you. Good luck


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    Thanks for replying. I've found the problem though: I was using the url java:jtds:sqlserver://localhost/Database=Databasename. Which works fine for the GUI tools but it is technically wrong. The /Database=Databasename should be /Databasename.

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