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Thread: Change CSV Separator

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    Default Change CSV Separator

    Hi all,

    In internalization forum I reply a post about change CSV separator in pentaho reporting.

    I think will be interesting to move this post here.

    I don't know if it's possible. Anybody can help me?

    the post

    Thanks all.

    The finally repply at post:

    You can modify these parameters (CSV separators) in jar of Pentaho-reporting that you were finding in the directory /lib of your pentaho reporting's installation.
    (for example pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-0.8.9-pre10.jar)
    You must modify in the files the follow property Separato r =, putting Separato r = || (or your desired separator)

    Modify it in the following directories:

    \org\jfree\report\modules\output\table\csv\ \org\jfree\report\modules\output\csv\configuration .properties

    It's all
    Enric Biosca
    Project Director at ICA

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    Hmm .. modifying the internal fall-back configuration is never a good idea. Updating the jars later will become a minefield, you probably dont want to go that way.

    You can achive the same effect of setting a global default for the CSV separator by creating a "" file in the root of the classpath (in case of a WEB-Appliction, put this file into the "WEB-INF/classes" directory) and add the configuration setting there. The user-configuration defined in this file overrides the built-in defaults.
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    Hi Taqua

    This solution is BETTER than modify internal jar.

    I tried and it's work very fine.

    Only need puts this line at Separator=||

    Soory all an thank you very much Taqua. I think about the properties file but not the correct file.
    Enric Biosca
    Project Director at ICA

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