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Thread: Kettle API question

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    Default Kettle API question

    Hi there,

    I am attempting to integrate Pentaho transformations (built in Spoon) into a Java application. My transformations generally all start with a GetSystemInfo transformation that pulls an argument from the command line (this argument is the file that is going to be processed by the complete transformation).

    I have this working in a very hardcoded way (i.e. i assume my transformations demand a file name as their input), but I want to be able to check the TransMeta and figure out if it really demands an input file. I figure I start by called transMeta.getStep(0), but where do I go from there?

    Aside from the Javadoc are there any good example for navigating the most important Pentaho classes and methods?


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    In the pentaho source code look for the component that calls kettle from xaction...KettleComponent is the class if Im not wrong

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