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    Default XML for MDX

    Hi All

    This is a feature request for XML reporting instead of MDX.

    Currently I use MDX for OLAP query but the MDX is not usable for any purpose.
    When I change the Schema I can not follow the original MDX queries, and I can not find the queries effected by the change. To manage the MDX syntax is horrible and make heavy maintain cost like SQL makes. Parse and validate the MDX also not an easy process. I can not monitor which Dimensions, Hierarchies ... etc used dynamically and which are just used rarely.

    Today everybody use client tools to create mdx (in background) like jpivot, MSSQL reporting, Cognos ...etc. To customize the mdx is risky because the changes will not effects on the customized queries.

    This is why I want to make a blueprint to change the mdx to xml reporting.

    Some advantages of xml reporting are the next :
    * To store the xml is easy and analyze all the xmls before changes as well.
    * To find the Dimension/Hierarchy/Members...etc usage is easy and usefull for performance tunning.
    * To create preview on query parst (like what is the subset of ... ) is easy and managable.
    * I do not have a enough knowledge to design an xml DDT or template but I made a mock-up for this purpose.
    * Consolidate the reports are easy
    * Write client tool is easy
    * xml is very familiar for xmla
    * Dynamic queries can be made easy (like xsl for loops can be used)
    * xml (and part of xml) can be validate fast based on current xmla schema
    * no syntax error effected with a good client tool
    * in a feature it can be used direct by the olap optimizer
    * the beta and alpha functions can be used in the server marked by the current xml template
    * several optimization can be run in the current reporting environment

    I have attached a mock-up for xml definition but I do not have knowledge to design a good xml template or DTD.

    It seems like a WSDL for web services.

    Best Regards
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