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Thread: When my input file 0 byte is (--> 0 rows)

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    Question When my input file 0 byte is (--> 0 rows)


    I have a Step: ‘fixed file input’. Input files with 0 bytes (0 rows) are possible.
    In a case when my input file 0 byte is (è 0 rows), I expect then the follow stream with 0 rows is. However the stream after reading the 0-byte file has 1 “blank” row. Last produce (through a ‘Table output’ step) in my result- table (mySQL) one “blank” rows. Unwilling! How can I avoid that?

    How can I count the rows in a stream? (I need that when my file more then 0 row has as well.)

    Thank you very much in advice!

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    1) is not true... Just tried it on 3.1 trunk version. An empty input file will result in no output rows.

    2) use a group by step.


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