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Thread: transformation hanging

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    Default transformation hanging


    I have a job with several transformations that runs every 5 minutes. Each transformation has to import data from a remote MS SQL database.

    Normally it works ok, even if the database is not available for a while. In this case I get an error and the transformation finishes correctly. But sometimes it hangs and I don't know why.

    All the steps are performed correctly but I see no commit to the database (I use unique connections). The last message I get in the logs is the last step finishing correctly. Nothing more, no commit, no rollback, no job finishing. The process just hangs

    I've proved this happens only when there are problems with the connection to the database server but it doesn't happen each time there are problems.

    This is a really big problem for me, since I am using a lock to avoid the next job to start before the current job has finished. As the transformation hangs, this lock is never released and the job won't be performed anymore. Even worse, if I don't have the lock and the job hangs, the next time the job runs it hangs again.

    Any idea? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Are you running 3.0.4?

    Also, are you on SQL Server 2000? I'm curious, because I'm experiencing similar hanging issues, only the spoon job says it has finished. The process is hanging on the SQL Server...

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