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Thread: How to create charts using pentaho reporting designer

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    Post How to create charts using pentaho reporting designer

    Hi all,

    I have been trying to create charts using pentaho reporting designer, but i could not succeed. can any body please help me to solve this issue. i have gone through various documents but i didn't get proper guidelines to create charts.

    Ganesh H D

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    Although you don't have the dataset I have attached a sample report which contains a chart, so you should get a rough idea.

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    Default that still doesn't help much

    I'm looking at 'the wiki'. Lets see, I'm using the Pentaho Report Designer, so perhaps I'll find on a page like Nope, that doesn't look anything like "chart' button in the GUI, the contents seem to refer to the image field. Is there PDF on the download page? Nope. I can dig around some more, but it can be frustrating.

    If I want multiple pie charts, with one pie for each top-level group in my report, where the 'wedges' are proportional to the last five columns in my report where the column names should be the 'wedge names' and the group summary fields should be the name of each Pie, what do I do in the tool? This is an example, I'm not looking for a solution in the forum, but rather I am looking for how to get my head around the tool efficiently.

    I will gladly RTFM once if find TFM.

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    Default Do not fear!!

    Have you been able to create at least one chart in your report so far?

    I haven't looked at bugg's example but im pretty sure it will get you started. I will give you a brief overview of creating a chart is you cannot understand bugg's example.

    Add a new dataset to your report. Something simple with two fields of information. say productlines and sales. The drag a chart element into you design stage of the report. Probably best to put it somewhere like the report footer band. Then double click the chart element in the report band. this will open up a new window where you are able to define your chart details. The only requirement here is the little box in the top right of this new window. I would also suggest that you change the chart type (default is area chart) to something like a pie or bar chart. This can change the chart type on the left hand side of the window. Anyhow. next all you have to do is define the chart categories/series and values. And like i said. you can do this in the box area to the top right of the chart editing window.

    Let me know if you get a basic chart rendered and i can help you with more advanced charting in the report designer. Like the multiple charts for each group. (that is also pretty easy once you get the hang of it).

    Hope that helps!

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