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Thread: Wait for a file on a FTP server

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    Default Wait for a file on a FTP server


    I need to get a file generated daily at a 'quite' fixed time of day on a FTP server. The folder contain many other files with no interest in my context.

    What I want is to loop on the FTP Get until it managed to get the required file, so I forwarded my OK flow to the next transformation and tried to forward the Failing flow to a wait step that loop back to start of my transformation.

    Then I enabled the "At least we got x files" options with a parameter 1, expecting to fail if my file file was not present... But It doesn't look like it is failing, even when no file has actually been downloaded

    Am I missing something with this "At least we got x files" option?

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    Default Please Help

    I'm new to this Kettle. I need some help as u have did something over this.

    I want to coy only those text files from the FTP which has not earlier copied from the FTP. I'm copying those text files to local system and inserting the data from the text files to the database. So I want to pass some parameter which i have retrived from database like the last inserted data's date which is in the file name.
    The file name extensions like ACDCallDetail2009_02_12.txt. So how to find the fresh text files only.The FTP server contains no. of files which is unnecessary for me.

    Please help to find the solution.


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    ftp (in general) does not support that kind of processing.

    So it's either
    - Remove the files after process.... fetch file, process file, delete file on success.
    - Or ftp all and do some local processing.
    - Some other combination where people ftp the files to you, instead of you ftp'ing from them, or some server side cleanup jobs, ...


    P.S Don't hi-jack old threads... it's easier if you start a new thread for a new problem.

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