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Thread: Pentaho Presentation at Serpro, Brasil

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    Default Pentaho Presentation at Serpro, Brasil

    Dear tribe coleagues,

    I am here to report on yesterday presentation of Pentaho at Serpro, the brazillian federal agency for IT.

    Me and Gerson Tessler, both Serpro employees, have conducted a videoconference. Gerson presented the whole Pentaho framework and architecture and I have conducted a demonstration.

    People all over the company branches and main office have received it very well, and have shown high interest. (We can call it fairly successful.) Federal government has much interest in open source technology, for they believe it can help accelerate state enterprise modernization. BI had a gap until Pentaho has come around and they are very excited on it.

    We both thank you all from Pentaho, and people from comunity, for the support you´ve given us the last few weeks, when we were assembling our pitch. Also, another special thanks goes to the guys who had this terrific idea of putting a lot of systems togheter to get more than the sum of the parts.

    Best regards,

    Fabio de Salles
    System Analyst
    Federal Dataprocessing Service - SERPRO
    Sao Paulo - Brasil

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    Great news and congratulations on your successful presentation to your colleagues at SERPRO! Your experiences definitely coincide with what we've been seeing in terms of very high interest from governmental agencies in Central and South America around open source and particularly open source BI initiatives.

    It's very exciting and rewarding for all of us to see our community members be successful in evangelizing the product and the open source BI approach. Thanks for all your hard work and best wishes for continued successes!


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