I have 2 issues with Pentaho Cube Designer.

1/ My first issue occurs at the step "Create measures". I would like to use a same columns in different measure. For exemple i have a columns "Total_Retail_Price" in my Fact table and i would like to create measures "Total_Retail_Price Sum" and "Total_Retail_Price maximum".
But in Pentaho Cube designer, when i choose a Fact table columns to create a measure, she disappears from the frame "Fact Table Columns" and i can't use the columns again.
This issue does not exist with Pentaho Schema Workbench.

2/ I would like to create multiple hierarchy in the same dimension.
For exemple :
Fiscal Time h
Fiscal year
Fiscal Quarter
Fiscal Month Number
Time Dim h
Month Name
In this exemple, Time_Dim is the dimension, Fiscal Time h and Time Dim h are the hierarchy and Fiscal year,Fiscal Quarter, Fiscal Month Number, Year, Month Name and Date are levels.
My issue is that i can create only one Hierarchy. I'm obliged to complete my cube with Pentaho schema workbench. This is not very pratical.

Thanks for your answers.