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Thread: File Input with different separators

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    Exclamation File Input with different separators

    Hi all,

    My problem is like this:
    I am working with the Text file input and in the file I am processing there are different kind of separators: sometimes it is a space character and sometimes there is simply no separator (from a 7 digit number the first 3 digits belong to one field and the next 2 to another as well as the last 2, for instance).
    I have set all the fields length and position in "Fields" and the separator I am using is empty (I have also used a space), but unfortunately the preview shows that the rows in my file are placed in the first field, without decomposing them.

    I attach the transformation file as well as my .txt input file

    Thanks in advance
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    Hola Daniel,

    Pots provar de tractar de combinar el tractament del fitxer CSV amb l'step Slipt field per millorar els resultats. No he acabat d'entendre molt bé el problema imagino que no et separa quan indiques les posicions fixes no?

    Si m'envies més informació en català et podré ajudar millor

    Enric Biosca
    Project Director at ICA

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    I agree. You have to use a fixed file input instead. Here you have the modified transformation.
    I had to add a last field with 2 columns.

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    Default Thanks a lot

    Thanks a lot, finally I could solve my problem by setting the file type to Fixed.

    Great job!

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