Hi All!
i am trying to customize the home page (page we get after login), for this first i created one report from Report designer which contains pie-chart and i am able to see the result in preview
now i am trying to customize the home.jsp (which contains the samples- steel- wheel example) to show this chart on UI (my own report/chart), for this i made proper changes in home.jsp (at location Drive:\pentaho\bi-server\jboss\server\default\deploy\pentaho.war\jsp) and i use the same method that is used in steel-wheel example ChartHelper.doPieChart after this when i goto UI it says
Could not generate chart image.Could not load chart data from null/null/null.

whats is this i am not able the solve this issue.
should i need to make changes in other files also................, please let me know if somebody knows this.

Thanks and regards