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Thread: Requesting permission to include logo in to-be distributed presentation slides

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    Default Requesting permission to include logo in to-be distributed presentation slides

    Dear Tribesmen (& Tribesgirls),

    As I have recently posted, I and a Gerson Tessler, both from Serpro (Brazil's Federal Government IT agency) have conducted a very sucessful presentation showing how Pentaho works and what it can do. For that we must thank you again and again, for your support has enabled us to perform so.

    In fact, it was so sucessfull that word about it has spread out of company and has hit the Pentaho BR forum. So, there is a lot of people asking for a copy of it.

    We would have just given it away if it was not for the fact that, to make it more eye-appealing, we have included several instances of a lot of logos and screenshots. As for the screenshots, we are right under brazillian law to distribute it. However, for the logo parts we have to ask permission. So, for instance, there are some slides that are just passages from a theme to another and holds only a big Pentaho logo.

    Please, may we, Serpro, distribute our presentation with its assortment of Pentaho products and company logos? Under what license should we do this, come Pentaho to give us their authorization?

    I wouldn't mind conducting further negociations through my job e-mail: fabio dot prado at serpro dot gov dot br.

    Thank you very much and best regards,

    Fábio de Salles
    System Analyst
    SERPRO - Serviço de Processamento de Dados
    R. Ol

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    Hello Fabio.

    I came across this post and am told that one of our partners in South America has been working with you. Please e-mail me directly at the communityconnection e-mail address. Thank you.


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