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Thread: Roll your Own or Start with "Insurance Information Warehouse"... any thoughts?

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    Cool Roll your Own or Start with "Insurance Information Warehouse"... any thoughts?

    Hi All,

    Again thanks for all the hard work on this excellent tool!


    Anyone had anything to do with IBM's "Insurance Information Warehouse" as a structure that PDI would then populate and the rest of Pentaho Suite would Report/Analyse against.

    Good or bad?

    Looks very Kimball-esqe ... wonder if he helped design it?

    We are using Pentaho currently with our "Proven" system ... now our Product Management is looking at the IBM "Insurance Information Warehouse" as a jump start framework ... more or less it is a domain specific logical model.

    All thoughts appreciated.

    Love the PDI!



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    No personal experience with that model, but I think it's similar to anything you buy in IT. If it does exactly what you want it to do, and you don't need to change it (and the price is right) go for it.

    If however you expect you need to overhaul some things to make it work for you I wouldn't. I've seen companies rewrite the whole logic of a SAP solution with ABAP, and then be surprised of the time estimate/price they get to upgrade to the next version.


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    Default Good Point about the Upgrade

    Hi Sven,

    Thanks for your input.

    The upgrade path is something I'll be drilling into with their sales people during the pitch.



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    Thumbs up

    Hi Kent,
    My company invested in the IIW and the BDW (Banking) as a fast-start for our data warehouse. We have been considering a corporate data model for years, and building one from scratch was too daunting a task. Investing in IBMs IP in this area. We use the business system templates (BSTs) as part of our requirements gathering process, and work to populate the lower model needed to build the marts (this being the Kimball-esque part of the process)

    The biggest hurdle internally was the politics involved in getting our business users to agree to the IBM model, and to keep it in a 'vanilla' stage. Changing the core model will break the links to BSTs and ASTs too, which are the major benefit of having the models in the first place.

    Hope this helps.

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    We also investigated using the model for one of our large insurance customers. They had several insurance platforms and several claims platforms. The task to integrate and make changes to the model forced us to build from scratch. Also, this provided a way to focus the effort on particular business needs rather than trying to everything at once. We looked at several different models beyond IBM's, as well.

    Bill W.

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