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Thread: Ms Access Error

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    Default Ms Access Error

    Hi everybody,

    I'm quite new to Pentaho, and not really "computer expert", but my boss give me this job about Pentaho.
    So, I've some questions:

    does Pentaho Reporting Wizard support MS Access Database (I think the answer is yes)?

    If it is so, do I have to put the Jdbc driver for MS Access in the WIZARD_ROOT\lib\jdbc directory?

    And if it is so, WHERE can I find the driver for MS Access? I tried to search on the net, but I'm a bit confused because there are so many links..

    can anybody help me?

    I'm using PEntaho Reporting Wizard 1.7.0 and I set the JNDI connection like this:

    JNDI name=BC
    connect string=jdbcdbc:BC

    but actually I wrote the driver "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" manually because it wasn't in those listed...

    By the way, Pentaho Reporting returns me that "Connection was Successful" when I test the connection, and it also allow me to build the query;
    the problem is when I push the Next button: it says:
    "Error:[Microsoft][Driver ODBC Microsoft Access]Optional feature not implemented

    so...where is the problem??

    Thanks a lot


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    JDBCODBC is the way to go cause there isn't a JDBC driver for access, but it is the devils database as far as reporting goes so you have been warned!!

    As to your error, I've got no idea
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    MS Access is definitely the problem. A quick Google search for the error you're getting surfaces all kinds of problems using Access over the JDBC/ODBC bridge, like this one:

    In that case, they had to map Access "long" to BigDecimal.

    If there's no really compelling reason to use Access, I'd recommend going with a non-desktop-caliber database -- there are several in open source, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Hypersonic/H2, all of which have real JDBC drivers.

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