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Thread: How To Create A Chart??

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    Question How To Create A Chart??

    Hi everybody,

    I'm sure that somebody can help me once again

    I'm trying to create a simple chart (bar chart) with Pentaho Report Designer 1.7.0, without success

    I looked at the samples and I tried to configure MY chart at the same way.

    For example if I have a "PRODUCT" table and I want to represent the PRICE of all the products, is it enough to modify the Category Colum, Value Columns, and Series Names?
    or should I previously define some functions such as BarChartExpression or CategorySetCollectorFunction?

    The result is that when I just configure the Category Colum, Value Columns, and Series Names, Report Designer returns me that "NO DATA FOR CHART TO DISPLAY"

    Somebody can help me?

    Thanks a lot


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    Let's see...

    In Report Designer, to get a barchart with the data you describe you need to:

    1) Add a data source, where the query should be something like: 'SELECT product, price FROM products'

    2) Drag a chart object to the report

    3) Edit the chart:
    - Category Column should be "product"
    - Values Columns should be "price"
    - Be sure to set Summary Only to FALSE

    That should be it, I believe.


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    Default how do u got tables


    iam also new to this pentaho you are saying that you are using products .. ect tables how do got these tables in to your report designer.

    please tel me how to get tables into our report designer?

    thanks in advance

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    Lightbulb Simple Chart in Pentaho ReportDesigner


    i need to create a chart wsing Pentaho Report Designer

    After setting Category Coilumn,Value Columns and Series Names iam getting the following ERROR


    Pls help me on how to get rid of This error, and sugggest me some links
    from where i can get documentation or tutorial about Report Designer

    kss raju

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    The issue i have here is I am able to construct the bar chart, but for each row in the dataset, it will show a seperate chart, although, i have configure the category column correctly. anyone have any idea? ~Thanks
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    Default Solved chart generation of each row problem


    I also faced the problem where the chart was displaying data for each row. I had a look at the examples and solved this problem on my report.

    I was placing the chart on the Item Band which was resulting in multiple charts for each row.

    I tried placing the chart on Report Header/Report Footer and found that the chart displayed correctly. I think you can try this and check if this solves your problem.
    Apart from this also validate your query and preview the results.


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    Default jdbc(custom) charting

    what about charting with a jdbc(custom) query (per Tarallo's Ad Hoc Query demo)? so the data-source parameters are not available via the drop down box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by loganseth View Post
    what about charting with a jdbc(custom) query (per Tarallo's Ad Hoc Query demo)? so the data-source parameters are not available via the drop down box?
    In 3.8 you can use the generic column names (::column-by-index::1) for that. For earlier versions you must ensure that your query returns the same field names (for instance via column aliases). Whether the columns are available or not is not of concern as long as the columns specified are there at runtime.

    Note that you can set a static query for the design time (and leave it there) as any computed query overrides static queries when the report runs. But the report designer at design time ignores the dynamic queries and only cares about the static ones.
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