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    Hi, people!

    I'm trying to using mondrian with maven2 and getting a lot of problems with dependencies, specially the one`s i can't find in the repo1 (or even the jar to put in my own repository). Good examples of this are eigenbase and javacup.

    I was trying to solve that and saw the ivy-based build, so i discovered that pentaho have a maven repository located at

    Altought, i haven't found in any place a read-only user access. Where can i find that? Why isn't it documented in the site, wiki or forum?

    Can anyone help me with this? give me a user?

    I have a good knowledge about maven, beacause i use maven dialy and set up the artifactory of my job, and can help in anything people need on this.

    Thanks in advance

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    In response to your post, we have created a guest login to our public Artifactory instance @ User: guest, Passwd: guest.

    Now for a little background on how this came about since we obviously did a poor job of telegraphing this change: we went through an evaluation period recently, weighing both Maven and IVY as solutions to our dependency management nightmare. The result was we settled on IVY. I will put together a more general post to address this decision along with the use of a shared common build file that each project will be based on. In short, we are in the process of migrating our projects to the common build + IVY model. Documentation on how IVY is being used and what the repository is for are being placed on our wiki here.

    Julian was the first to introduce IVY into a project, with Mondrian. So far Mondrian and most of the BI Platform v2 (new modularized platform) have been moved to IVY.

    In response to your specific question about eigenbase and javacup, you should find these in the "third-party" repository on the Artifactory.

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