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Thread: Can't Edit Mapping after running Transformation

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    Default Can't Edit Mapping after running Transformation

    Kettle 3.0.1 RC1 is my version.

    I have a simple transformation: Excel input -> Table Output Mapping -> Table Output

    It least the first time i run it.

    Problem is that after running it once, i cannot edit the table mapping. When trying to generate mapping against target step (Table Output) i get an error saying :

    Unable to determine the required fields.

    Unable to determine the required fields because the specified database table couldn't be found.

    When i go into the Table Output Mapping and try to Edit Map, i get a message saying :

    Some fields that were configured for the mapping could not be found....and it list all 100+ fields in my table, which it obviously can't find any more.

    I can create a new identical table and run the transformation fine against it...but then i can't edit the map after the run either.

    TIA for any ideas.


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    Well... Raise a JIRA, put it as critical and put as much information as you have into it... transformations (simplifed), steps to replicate, ...


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