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Thread: The best way to abort a running job?

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    Question The best way to abort a running job?


    I'm trying to abort a time-triggered job (Type: interval, 10s).

    If I use the "Abort Job"-step in the sames job, the Job starts again after 10 seconds.

    If I use the "Abort Job"-step in a child-job to abort the parentjob, the parentjob starts also again after 10 seconds.

    What is the best way to avoid the restart of a time-triggered job?

    (I searched for a solution in this forum, already. But nothing really solved my problem.)


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    Job aborts, job restarts, job aborts, job restarts, ... For interval based triggering I would say that's normal.

    If you want to do more custom stuff than that you need to go outside of PDI with some scripting e.g.


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