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Thread: Force Enclosure function changed in 3.1-RC1?

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    Default Force Enclosure function changed in 3.1-RC1?

    I have a text file output step where I need to put quotes around all fields - even the blank ones. In versions prior to 3.1 (3.0.2, specifically), when I checked the box "Force the enclosure around fields?", the enclosure (in my case, a quotation mark) was placed around all fields, including fields that were empty.

    When running the same transform in 3.1-RC1, the enclosure is no longer present around the empty fields.

    Did the function of this checkbox change on purpose, or by accident? If it's changed on purpose, is there a workaround?



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    DEinspanjer Guest


    I don't think that would have been a purposeful change. I'd suggest filling a JIRA issue right away so someone can take a look.

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    thats weird. I raised an issue about force enclosure not working on blank or null values and was basically told tuff. yet it was necessary at the time for me to match a file format.

    so; it sounds like i should check out 3.0.2

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    The behavior changed on purpose because of a bug report stating that it was illegal (for some standards reason I guess) to quote empty fields.
    I guess there are programs out there that can't handle the generic case and need to be hand-held in the file format.

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