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Thread: change default JPIVOT chart settings

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    Default change default JPIVOT chart settings


    I have seen a few posts on the net relating to this topic but none to my knowledge have provided a concrete answer. I am simply trying to change the default font size, font type, background plot colour, chart size etc. Do I open speciific jar files and change settings, do I change xls or xml files or do I add to them to enforce default settings.

    HOping someone can help. Its pretty frustrating having styled the jsp pages to have a chart that does not reflect the design scheme.

    Looking forward to a reply.


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    Arrow Modify Pivot.jsp

    Hi Tom -
    If you want to change those defaults you will need to modify Pivot.jsp.
    <PCI Root>\jboss\server\default\deploy\pentaho.war\jsp
    Scroll down to the first try block.
    IRuntimeContext context = null;
    try {
    and look at all the "else" statements.

    if( context.getOutputNames().contains( PivotViewComponent.CHARTTITLEFONTSIZE ) ) {
    chartTitleFontSize = Integer.parseInt(context.getOutputParameter( PivotViewComponent.CHARTTITLEFONTSIZE ).getStringValue());
    session.setAttribute( "pivot-"+PivotViewComponent.CHARTTITLEFONTSIZE+"-"+pivotId, new Integer(chartTitleFontSize));
    } else {
    chartTitleFontSize = 18;

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    Hi Darrin
    Only picked up your response now, thanks. I have mondrian and jpivot installed and configured. Subsequently I have installed PCI and I find the file you are referring to. Does that jpivot not apply to the PCI only and not to mondrian? THe jpivot under mondrian does not contain syntax relating to chart settings. Is there an equiv file for Mondrian, would it use the pivot jsp if installed with PCI, which file would contain the chart settings if Mondrian is installed on its own.

    Kind Regards

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