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Thread: How set the Open BI Suite

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    Default How set the Open BI Suite

    Hi there!!

    i'm new here...

    i was trying to find some tutorial where i can learn how set my BI Suite... but i foundn't it... if somebody know it... help me please!!

    thx a lot

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    Download installer, install suite, run suite.
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    Default Hello Moderator

    First of all... thank you by the ansewr... before write here i've tryed to found something about tutorial for beginners but i fail!!

    but thanks by the ansewr, if you decide come to brazil i can buy some beers for you ok!! ^^ and help you to find some beautiful women here.. hehe, but i apreciate your help

    i have to create some project with pentaho BI Suite because i have to write a monography teses about BI and Corporate Performance Management...


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    Default BI on the iPhone

    Hi There!

    I followed 8 Steps to upgrade Pentaho's Business Intelligence Platform to add iPhone support to the Pentaho Open BI Platform.

    I tried to access the Pentaho BI Server using iPhone emulator (, but it didn't show the correct iPhone view... the emulator's screen showed the same view like PC's browser.

    How can i test within my setting does support the iPhone correctly?

    Can i access Pentaho BI server using another smart phone by following that steps " Enabling the iPhone BI Extension"?


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    Default Salwa

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