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Thread: Issue Import xml file for migration from 241 to 3.0.4

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    Default Issue Import xml file for migration from 241 to 3.0.4


    I currently used spoon 241-M1 version.
    I would like to use the 3.0.4 version.
    From 241-M1, I used the menu Export to an XML file to export the repository, so I get an xml file (16 Mo).

    I created a new kettle repository for the 3.0.4 version.
    I opened the spoon 3.0.4 and I used the menu Import from and XML file to import the xml file (version 241-M1). I get this message :
    File 'C:\Export SICAR_INT\SicarInt241.xml' was not recognized as a Kettle file type.

    Do you have any idea to help me ?

    Is it possible to keep the 241-M1 repository version , or is it mandatory to used the Upgrade button ?

    I would like to avoid to upgrade directly the repository from 241-M1 to 3.0.4 version, because I want to test the tranformations - jobs before.

    Thanks for your reply. Lfa

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    DEinspanjer Guest


    File | Import is for importing indvidual .ktr or .kjb files.

    Try this instead:
    Repository | Explore
    Right click the root node of the repository
    Select Import objects from an XML file

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    Hello !

    Thanks for your help. It is ok now.

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