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Thread: Maximize Portlet windows on startup

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    Default Maximize Portlet windows on startup


    I hope that was the right place to post this question.

    I am using org.pentaho.ui.portlet.NavigationPortlet to present options menu to users. The personalization by xsl is quite easy but... the appearance is ugly, an I explain.

    In Jboss Portal the ways to position that portlet are center or left (by default). On the left there will be the best position if I could launch in the center the menu option. Usign jFreeReports it is posible to use FilterPanelPortlet and ActionPortlet to do this but in my project we use BIRT with reports.

    The other option is to position NavigationPortlet in center and distribute the options in a matrix of cells.

    In both cases there are a big blank ugly space that could be filled maximizing the portlet window. The problem is that I can't find any information about how to do it on Pentaho Startup (or portal startup). I have to doi it manually and I can asure that the users doesn't like that :-P

    Can anyone help me???

    Links with documentation could help me too.


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    Default Re:Maximize Portlet windows on startup


    I've faced this problem too. Never found anywhere in the Jboss documentation a way to specify that a portlet window should be maximized by default.

    Any help would be great.

    Javier Giménez
    StrateBI - TodoBI

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    Default Maximize portlet windows on startup

    If someone has solutions for the below please let me know:
    1. how to maximize the portlet windows by default on startup?
    2. how to redirect to some other portlet on clicking the maximize button of a portletwindow?


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