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Thread: regarding unique db connection

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    Question regarding unique db connection

    hi all,

    i have a transformation in which i use unique connection option(that is there in the transformation setting) so that roll back can take place if some db error occurs. But i run this transformation from a java API... while doing so the table output statement's as are not working properly.. ie it is not inserting data into the table. and not giving me an error in the logs that are being generated..

    can any one suggest any solution

    sarat kiran

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    That's too little information:
    - Does it work without unique connections. Maybe you're just doing it wrong
    - For the rest attach transformation and trace file you get.


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    Thanks for the reply

    I am trying to insert data in multiple table (around 60-70 tables)

    when i run my transformation through ETL Kettle tool with unique connection checkbox checked, it works perfectly. but when i unselect this i get too many connection error.

    the constrain is ( i need to run the .ktr through java API classes.) now the problem that i face is... "when the checbox is not selected it gives me the same error saying too many connection error(while running form java).
    but if i checked (unique connection checkbox) , it works but nothing is inserted the DB. and there is no error logs as well.

    if there are no exceptions or errors in the logs why my DB is not getting populated that is what i am not able to figure out.

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    still a deadlock somewhere?

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