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Thread: Disable Hop for Debug But Table Inputs Still Run

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    Default Disable Hop for Debug But Table Inputs Still Run

    I've got one file input copied across many hops and I have been able to disable hops to speed debugging. Everything worked fine until one of my processes had it's own table input:

    Even though the hop upstream of "Unique CustDiv" is disabled, the Table input runs (and takes a lot of time).

    Is there a way to make that Table input not run?

    By the way, if there's a guide to debugging that I could read, a pointer to that might be nice.


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    Temporarily limit the number of rows retrieved in the table input should minimize runtime... else in version <= 3.1 not.


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    I do not know a guide to debug, but...

    I hope you are familiar with Java and one IDE. I use Eclipse. Create a kettle project from SVN. Debug it there.
    Also you can run it on machine A with remote debugging enabled. Launch Eclipse on machine B and debug it there. You have to set a breakpoint on a reasonable entry point.
    (You never did remote debugging before?


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