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Thread: Documenting a Transform

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    Default Documenting a Transform

    Hi -

    I have a requirement to document any executed transformations in a 'human readable' format. Is there an easy way to pull the metadata out of a transformation and throw it into a parseable format? I can include the 'picture' of the transform but that doesn't satisfy the requirement.

    For each column in the output, I need to grab the output mapping, the source of each column(Origin Step will do if I am diligent about retitling my steps), and anything from the input that didn't make it to the output.

    This only needs to be done on a macro level (I don't need to collect it by row, just for the transform), so I'd prefer to extend Kettle rather than do a plugin that generates this at runtime. Does anyone have anything that already does something like this? If not, are there any source code hooks I could call if I extend Kettle?

    Thanks -


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    Nothing out of the box yet <= 3.1 ... something like what you want does exist somewhere, but is for the moment not included in PDI.


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    What's the chance of getting this unsupported code released - maybe not as part of Kettle but for reference purposes at least?

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    Default Reflection

    My plan is to create a set of steps to extract metadata from transformations and jobs.
    That way, the metadata (including impact analyses) could be stored in a database and analyzed off-line.

    API-wise it's all pretty simple, but doing this would unlock interesting information at virtually no cost inside Kettle itself.
    Allowing Kettle to look inside ETL metadata is also the way forward (IMHO) for auto-generating documentation, etc.

    Take care,


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    Default Check out this related thread on documentation

    I posted a thread of documenting the ktr and kjb files using xslt.

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