Hi all,
I am facing a problem while using arrays in javascript step.
From the table input step I am getting a column say x as x.getInteger() into java script step.Then I am storing that into a varibale say
var y= x.getInteger();
now am converting this to a string value by
var z=num2str(y);

After that I am storing this string value into an array by
var arr=new Array(z); also by

var arr=new Array();

The values are getting stored in the array and when I took the preview it is coming fine.
Now my requirement is to compare the elements in the array
say arr[0]==arr[1],But this comparison I am not able to do.
The variable z has values like
but when I store this values to array(arr) ,and when am taking arr[0] its coming as 1 and arr[1] coming as 0.
So how can I store the value like arr[0]=1000,arr[1]=1001 in the array.My requirement is comparing values like (1000==1001) .

Can any one give me any inputs on this.