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Thread: Dimension Insert/Update Write Failure

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    Default Dimension Insert/Update Write Failure

    Lookups work fine.
    Compares work fine.
    Inserts work fine.
    Updates work fine, but…
    …the Dimension Insert/Update fails when attempting to write the row to the stream after the update. At least I believe that is what’s happening because the step reads 1709 rows from the previous step, inputs 1709 rows from the dimension table, but writes only 1708 rows. Can anyone see what I might be doing wrong? The log is attached. Thanks.
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    Default Problem went away by unchecking 'lazy conversion'.

    I guess the transformation changed the size of the row when it tried to lazy convert a string. In one case it was a string to string(10). In another it was a string to string(1). Jim Snyder

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    There is little point in enabling lazy conversion (on the contrary) if you are using databases.

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