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Thread: Build xaction Dropdown Filter List from Query

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    Default Build xaction Dropdown Filter List from Query

    I'm trying to take a user variable from the session (which appears to be coming in alright) and use that to formulate a query to a JNDI datasource to populate a drop-down list for a user to select reporting filtering options.

    If I hard-code the selection into in input variable as a string-list, the options appear correctly in the filter. When I try to pull the list from a query, I get a text area without any information populated in it. When running the query, it returns the correct results.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here are the code pieces:
    <cluster type="string">

    <action-type>Perform SQL Query</action-type>
    <user type="string"/>
    <query-result type="result-set" mapping="queryClusters"/>
    <CLUSTERS type="string"/>
    <query><![CDATA[SELECT DISTINCT(availkey) FROM auth_table]]></query>
    <action-type>Prompt for Information</action-type>
    <queryClusters type="result-set"/>
    <cluster type="string"/>
    <cluster style="select">
    <title>Select the Cluster</title>
    <filter value-col-name="CLUSTERS" display-col-name="CLUSTERS">queryClusters</filter>
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