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Thread: Need help in making transformations

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    Default Need help in making transformations

    Pls help me. I want to make transformations and call that transformations in a job. I have 2 database.

    Here is some table infos
    RELATED_CUST_ID_x and REL_CODE_x pair in 1(some database1) record is mapped to related_customer_id and rel_code in (some database2). X ranges from 1 to 10 which means there are possible 10 records that will be imported to (some database2) from a single record in (some database1. If a null value will be encountered from the RELATED_CUS_ID_x and REL_CODE_x pair, it will proceed to the next record in (some database1.

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    Hi aprilab,

    what you describe sounds like a JOIN. Are you familiar with SQL and/or databases? I think you have to read about these topic(s) before you dive into Kettle/ETL. If you understand SQL you should use the terms we all use to descibe what you want.

    You can do your join with SQL or in Kettle. If your 2 databases are not on the same database server you have to do it in Kettle. Look for "merge join" and remember to sort data before joining!

    Good luck!

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    thank you.

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