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Thread: change default repositories XML file location

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    Default change default repositories XML file location

    How do we change default repositories XML file location from C:\Documents and Settings\user\.kettle\repositories to a user defined location to create the RepositoriesMeta object.

    So that we do not have to install Kettle in J2EE app server.

    I believe RepositoriesMeta object is the one who is going to access this location with the LogWriter parameter. There is no other constructor for this object.

    Thx - sriniPT123

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    You can set the KETTLE_HOME variable to make it point to $KETTLE_HOME/.kettle/repositories.xml
    A lesser known fact is that you can also put repositories.xml in the current (./) directory. Sadly, I don't know where that is for your J2EE app.

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    RepositoriesMeta repsinfo = new RepositoriesMeta(logWriter);
    repinfo = repsinfo.findRepository("test_repository");
    Repository rep = new Repository(logWriter, repinfo, userinfo);
    RepositoryDirectory directory = rep.getDirectoryTree();
    directory = rep.getDirectoryTree().findDirectory("C:/test_app/config/");
    Now I am getting null directory object even though I have xml file...I stripped the code from Pan java source.
    Where can I set this user defined directory in the above code.??? not setting KETTLE_HOME environment variable.

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