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Thread: Extend predefined flow by customers?

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    Question Extend predefined flow by customers?

    Hi all,

    We are considering using ETL for a new project we plan.
    I'm currently trying to understand what I can (or can't) do with PDI.
    I've gone over most of the documentation and played with cocoon a bit too.
    I still have a few questions I hope someone can help with.

    We plan to provide to our customers a predefined job which will be built from these steps:
    1. Read data from Excel file in known format.
    2. transformations
    3. Load the data to MySQL

    It is required that customers will be able to customize/extend our tool by writing their own readers/tranformations.
    They might have input files with slightly different formats, it might have different columns or will require preliminary transformation etc.

    My question is can I give them this ability with PDI?
    Do they need to write Java for that? can they do this with any scriptng languages or just by mapping XML?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Anat, it's probably safer if you build a small application (in Java) that executes the transformation you describe.Doing the work is easy for Kettle. Configuring it "automagically" by a user with unknown competence is probably not that easy.Kettle is easy enough, but the GUI, Spoon is definitely only meant to be used by ETL designers, not any old user.


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