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Thread: Error inserting row

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    Red face Error inserting row

    I have an error inserting row.
    I have two unique key fields in a database table.
    When I tried to insert data to these rows with a same data an error states that there is "Duplicate entry '110000000586-' for key 1".
    What I want is that each unique key's data will still be ok if there is the same data I inserted to the other unique key.

    Pls. help,

    Thank you

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    Hi aprilab,
    that is not a Kettle thing. You should ask in a database forum.

    But remember you do not insert each value into one column. You insert a tuple! And with your both constraints you forbid to insert the same value for one column (or same tuples for columns). And the A in ACID says if one thing is wrong do nothing at all.
    1. Maybe you want to use one unique constraint for tuples (column1, column2) instead of using 2 unique constraints each for one column.
    2. Maybe you want to use two separate insert/update steps each for one column.

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