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Thread: Removing Non-ASCII characters

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    Default Removing Non-ASCII characters

    Is there a way to remove all non-ASCII characters (greater than 127) in a text file through Kettle ?
    I checked the forums and didn't see anything that might help.

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    Even better is there a way to convert from Unicode to ASCII for a specific field in a text file ?

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    have a look at the plugin Asciify



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    DEinspanjer Guest


    The Asciify plugin will do what you asked in your first question. Replace anything > 127 with a question mark. One thing to keep in mind if you use it, you'll have to set the KETTLE_PLUGIN_PACKAGES variable to make sure that the plugin gets loaded into Kettle.

    on Linux
    export KETTLE_PLUGIN_PACKAGES=com.illunus
    or for Windows
    set KETTLE_PLUGIN_PACKAGES=com.illunus

    in a shell window before you run Spoon/Kitchen/Pan

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