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Thread: adding a job in carte

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    Question adding a job in carte

    Hello, in need some help with my code. I tried to start a job in carte.class jsut like a transformation. My transformation works fine, but if i activate the code for thr job, carte wont start.puh.. i think i need some i insert is followed.
    thanks al lot
    InputStream inputStream = KettleVFS.getInputStrea,("file:///usr/local/datamining/kettlespoon/foobar/INTEX.kjb" ); StringBuffer xml = new StringBuffer(); int c; while (( != -1) xml.append((char)c); JobConfiguration jobConfiguration = JobConfiguration.fromXML(xml.toString()); JobMeta jobMeta = jobConfiguration.getJobMeta();
    JobExecutionConfiguration jobExecutionConfiguration = jobConfiguration.getJobExecutionConfiguration(); j
    Repository repository = jobConfiguration.getJobExecutionConfiguration().getRepository(); Job job = new Job(LogWriter.getInstance(), StepLoader.getInstance(), repository, jobMeta);
    job.initializeVariablesFrom(null); job.getJobMeta().setInternalKettleVariables(job); job.injectVariables(jobConfiguration.getJobExecutionConfiguration().getVariables()); jobMap.addJob(jobMeta.getName(), job, jobConfiguration);
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    Please include some newlines to provide readable code.
    And there is a "Preview Post" button...
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