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Thread: Is Kettle the right choice for us?

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    Default Is Kettle the right choice for us?

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm exploring the possibility of using Pentaho Kettle for a project.

    I hope you tell me, if using Kettle will be a good idea for us.

    We're using a JBoss application server for most of our software, it's completly in java. We use hibernate in combination with ms sql, postgres and hsqldb ( exchangeable ).

    We'd like to use kettle (or something similar) to:
    - Pull flat files via ftp from outside sources (and possibly already process them with kettle)
    - Push data on other parts of our software (internal and external, we may want to run our application on customsers datacenters)
    - Possibly offer webservices (f.e. with soap) and use webservices.

    What we do not want to do, if not absolutly necessary, is to move to another application server. I think (but am not sure) Pentaho BI uses a customized JBoss AS. We'd rather stick to the standard JBoss AS. Do we need Pentaho BI in order to use Pentaho Kettle? The documentation is somewhat unclear on that ...

    It would be great, if you could give me some pointers, perhaps even tell me, how you use kettle to push and pull data. We would really like to stick to simple java beans as much as possible ...

    Thank you for your time!
    Best regards,

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    You can do these things with Kettle.
    Obviously we support Kettle on the Pentaho platform, but Kettle is a separate entity and project. As such, it can be used separately.

    We also have a Java API :
    And javadoc:

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