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Thread: Oracle dateformat

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    Default Oracle dateformat


    i've a problem with date format in Oracle.

    I'm using 'Execute statement SQL' object of kettle, becouse i would increase the performance(if i use 'Update' object the performance is low).

    So, when i use a date with Oracle connection, kettle subsitute the string '?' with the date format 'yyyy/mm/dd HH:mm:ss'. Oracle use format 'dd mmm yyyy' for update with a string, what can i do?

    Thanks in previuos instance.


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    'Execute statement SQL' is *quite* a slow step. Perhaps you would do better to add an index...

    As for your question: I would force the format into a TO_DATE() function so that Oracle doesn't have a chance of being confused.
    Bug again, the Update step is faster.

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    Default index on key for lookup

    If i use 'table input' and 'Update step', with an index on the key for lookup, the transaction go out 10-20 rows/sec.

    With 'Execute SQL Statement' the transaction go out 500/550 rows/sec.

    What's happend?!

    Thanks in advance.



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