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Thread: step like if into a job

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    Default step like if into a job

    there is some step like an if into the job? I know that there is a step that lend you the posibility into a transformation but i will to do a think like if a file exist execute some step and in the case that doesn't exist execute other Steps. there is some form to do that?

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    come on, that is a course for early beginners...

    1. Create Job
    2. Add "File Exists"
    3. Add "Job 1"
    4. Add "Job 2"
    5. Create hop from "File Exists" to "Job 1"
    6. Create hop from "File Exists" to "Job 2"

    Do you see the different colors (green and red) of the hops?
    If you want to change this right click a hop and look at "Evaluation".

    Some more questions?

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    juas sorry a lot.... i loos like stupid, when i see into the edit i dont see the option that say go to that step into case... like the step filter rows... sorry about your time lose... and thanks

    regards Saúl

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    there is some step like an if into the job?
    Yes :

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