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Thread: PDI dependencies

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    Default PDI dependencies


    i want to deploy jobs and transformations on an application server.
    It's an existing environnement i would like PDI fit to.

    I want to know what is the minimal number of JARS that have to be added to classpath in order to run PDI.
    I know i will remove all JDBC drivers i don't need but what about JARS in pentaho, web, webservices folders and other ones ???

    Where could i find an exhaustive list of dependencies saying what is optional or mandatory ???


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    It unfortunately depends on the steps/job entries you are using.
    In the past I made an attempt to document this in the API itself, but it's not production ready yet.
    To be on the safe side, I would say: take 'm all :-)

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    Take all libraries is the simplest choice !

    However, i want to integrate Kettle components into an existing environment where there already have some couple of libraries used by Kettle, LOG4J is an example of that.

    So i try to find the minimal list of libraries in order to not fit our environment recommendations.

    Am i right when i say :
    - pentaho directory is to integrate kettle in pentaho framework
    - webservice is for steps about webservices ?
    - ...

    I think i will have to do a sort of list and check all dependencies ...


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    no, you are not right.

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