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Thread: Classic-Engine and released

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    Default Classic-Engine and released

    These releases bring another set of bug-fixes and allow to change the export-semantics for Table-exports, so that all content is exported regardless of the cell-size.
    Be aware that the 0.8.10 release cannot be be used in conjunction with the current releases of the Pentaho Platform or Report-Designer.

    Code: (12-Sep-2008)
            * [BUG] PRE-388: Put "overflow-x" property to work. If specified, the
              engine will no longer clip text and will let the text overflow. For
              table-exports, the cells with overflow will contain the full text
              and for RTF and HTML this may affect the rendering.
            * PRE-389: Allow to control the ellipse printing on either word-boundary
              or character-boundary. The report-local property
              "" controls the behavior
            * [BUG] PRE-390: SimpleXML-Parser did not accept style-expressions on
              label, message-field, resource-label and resource-message elements.
            * [BUG] PDF encryption settings referenced in GUI were wrong.
            * Updated the configuration-description to match the latest version.
    Code: (12-Sep-2008)
            * [BUG] PRE-394: Values defined in the report-properties were not added
              as parameter-values in the datarow.
            * [BUG] PRE-384: A font-size greater than the canvas-element's defined
              height caused layouting to fail.
            * [BUG] PRE-386: The CSS-files generated during the HTML export contained
              invalid encoding sequences and therefore were not recognized by the
              browser. This made the report to appear unstyled.
            * [BUG] PRE-383: Roll-backs during the layouting caused the cache to become
              invalid and therefore caused weird layout-errors.
            * [BUG] PRE-385: Multiple fields with the same name confused the reporting
              engine and caused the change-flag computation to go crazy. This caused
              all groupings to fail.
            * [BUG] PRE-392: Paddings were not parsed in the bundle-fileformat.
            * [BUG] PRE-377: The SimpleXML parser removed the Itemband and the
              No-Data-Bandif groups were defined in the same report.
            * [BUG] PRE-387: PDF encryption settings referenced invalid properties and
              therefore did not work properly.
            * [BUG] PRE-374: The StaticDataRow class computed invalid hashcodes and
              caused all caching to go wrong.
            * [BUG] PRE-375: The about-dialog in the print-preview referenced a
              resourcebundle in JCommon. As JCommon is no longer a dependency of the
              engine-core, this caused MissingResourceExceptions.
            * [BUG] PRE-371: The CountDistinctFunction did not compute correct results.
            * PRE-388: When exporting to Excel or other Table-Exports, the "overflow-x"
              style-attribute can be used to control whether the text would be trimmed
              down to the visible content by the engine or whether the text should
            * PRE-390: The engine's linebreak behaviour on overflowing lines can now
              be controled. It defaults to by-on-word-boundaries but can be configured
              to break on character-boundaries instead.
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    I tried to install Pentago Reporting Engine by putting pentaho-reporting-engine-classic- on \pentaho\bi-server\jboss\server\default\deploy\pentaho.war\WEB-INF\lib. I deleted the previous jars (pentaho-reporting-engine-classic- and pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-ext- and the following error occurs when I try to start Pentaho:

    Error while trying to execute startup sequence for org.pentaho.plugin.jfreereport.JFreeReportSystemListener

    In the log file the following error appears:

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jfree/report/JFreeReportBoot

    However, this class is inside the file pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-

    Does anyone know if there's any other jar or how I can upgrade the reporting engine in the correct way? My Pentaho version is 1.7GA.

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    Platform and all designtime tools only uses 0.8.9 - so go back to the old branch.
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