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Thread: Problem in transformation

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    Default Problem in transformation

    Hi all,

    I have a small challenge with a transformation I want to set up... I am recieving a file containing to filenames. For each row, I need to copy the files into a folder, then call an external program to produce a pdf file. Then remove the source files again before the new row is processed.

    It is easy to get to the point where the two files are ready for the external process, which is a plain .bat file that needs to be run.

    I can see how I can execute it in the job, but I can not acess the data on row basis from the job?

    I was looking for a way of executing the batch file from within the javascript engine, but no luck yet... any help?/ideas?

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    Use Shell step in your job and check "Execute for every input row?".
    Then the shell/command line step is executed for your two file names.

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