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Thread: Olap4j in Pentaho

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    Question Olap4j in Pentaho

    Since there are many peeps who follow this forum and work at/with Pentaho, i'm asking the following question at large and hoping for an answer, somehow.

    Does Pentaho intend to include Olap4j in their 2.0 platform release?!

    I was browsing through the platform SVN and only saw the jar file but no class that uses it whatsoever. I know that Thomas is integrating it in the Report Designer, for it is checked in, but nothing in the platform source tree. I know Olap4j is still young (and beta), but widening the user base could allow us to get the required feedback for final fine tuning. Many issues have arisen lately and all those "appearances" originate from people trying olap4j in ways we didn't foresee. You get the point?

    I'm not asking for full integration into the platform, just some starting steps... implement a few interfaces, let people goof around... you know, *open source* stuff. Heck, I'm officially volunteering to write the damm code.

    Any insiders have comments on this?

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    I think that's a great idea and I know Julian is very much in favor of more exposure of olap4j so that we can get as many eyes on it as possible. Our approach to date has been to use Bill's Halogen project to exercise the API, but that's been in incubation mode. If you want to roll up an experimental component, I'm sure Bill would be interested in integrating it into the platform.

    olap4j will be in 2.0 sidecar-ed on with Mondrian, but there's presently no user story around a platform component just yet. We can probably target getting something integrated into a 2.1 time frame.

    Let me know your thoughts and thanks for all your help!


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    Can olap4j be used in Pentaho Reporting to access Microsoft Analytical Services through XMLA.

    I can't find anything talking about this.


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    in the new-not-yet-stable-release you can do that

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    Thanks, but could you possibly provide a direction towards some documentation of this feature?

    Until I find out how it can be done, if it can be done, just getting a yes it is available doesn't help a whole lot.

    But I do appreciate your response.

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    In PRD-Citrus, add one of the OLAP4J datasources and configure it with your OLAP4J driver. Then give it a MDX query to work on and it will be happy.

    Be aware that the RC1-Olap4J support is ... suboptimal. The dialog to configure OLAP4J datasources was hardcoded to only support the Mondrian-OLAP4J driver. The current daily builds work better on that regard, as that limitation is lifted, but so far they still use the JDBC-datasource dialog, which is not really suitable for configuring OLAP4J datasources. (But it can be done by switching to the "Generic Connection" and then by adding all the properties the driver requires.)
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