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Thread: recovery from failures

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    Default recovery from failures

    Hi all,
    if the tranformation is runing when for exemplo the energy ends, what happens to this process of transformation ?
    How is the tool behavior to recovery from failures ?

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    Hi Dora,

    what would you expect?
    If a computer system is powered off the result with Kettle is like every running software. All processes are terminated without cleaning up.
    But if your database supports transactions (most modern databases do, but e.g. MySQLs database engine MyISAM not) your data keeps clean. But you have an uncompleted Datawarehousef if you mean that.

    I think "energy ends" is no failure. In case of failure the transaction is rolled back and the other "failure handling" is left to ETL designer. He/She can run special steps if a job step fails.

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    I have designed ETL processes in the past that would clean up automatically upon the next run of the job.
    It takes some care and consideration, but it's not *that* difficult to do, even without database transactional support.


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