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Thread: Error on running steel wheel analysis

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    Default Error on running steel wheel analysis

    I try to remove sample and test folders from the solution to make repository updating process faster.
    And now, I want to put the sample solution back to the repository, So I put sample folder to pentaho-solutions folder, and update the repositroy.
    When I try to access steel-wheels -> analysis-> Territory Analysis by Year, the result page comes empty and errors are thrown in the log (attached)
    Before I remove sample folder from the solution, the analysis xaction works fine...

    Could someone give me insight on this ??
    Thanks in advance,

    Pentaho on Tomcat
    Windows server 2003
    pentaho 1.7.0
    mysql 5.0
    tomcat 5.5.9
    jre 1.5.0_09
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    com.tonbeller.jpivot.olap.model.OlapException: Table 'sampledata.time' doesn't exist

    Check your database settings
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    Agreed -- in some databases the reserved word "time" can't be used as a table name. May need to quote it or rename it in the DDL, model, and samples.

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    I suspect that there is a table called 'TIME' in the 'SAMPLEDATA' database but it is upper case. MySQL on Linux is case sensitive by default whereas on Windows it is case insensitive. If so, the probable cause is the DDL script that created the database. The CREATE TABLE statement should have used quotes around the table and column names. If this is the steel wheels database, then I think this would be a Pentaho bug.

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