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Thread: transformation in a job

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    Default transformation in a job


    I haven't found my problem in the forum.

    I made a transformation csv-->mysql loaded in a job

    If I use a local mysql database all is okay.
    If i use a distant mysql db , rows are not inserted.

    BUT if I execute the transformation (not in a job) all is okay too.

    anyone know why ?


    (joined file : my job + my transformation)

    Thank you
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    Just an idea: What privileges are granted to your user at the remote MySQL server?
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    All privileges for the user.
    If I directly execute the transformation, rows are added in my remote mysql database.
    Problem is only when i call the transformation in a job.


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    hi, Olivier
    The transformation essaipenta.ktr is executed ONLY if the "HTTP 1" Step is succesful.
    Did you checked if the transformation even starts?
    Try changing the evaluation of the hop which reaches the "essaipenta" Step. Or create a new Step like here...
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    Dont' you worry maria, we've got it sorted
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