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Thread: Can we send our JIRA watch list to another user?

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    Question Can we send our JIRA watch list to another user?

    Just curious. I have additional developers that are working on projects with me now and I want them to be able to track the same cases...

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    I dont think so - for some reason in jira the watch list seems to be handled differently to a normal search, and this makes it much less flexible!

    Raise it as an enhacnement with jira they're pretty good at making improvements if there's good reason! you dont have to be a customer to access their bug database.

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    Default This functionality is already in JIRA?

    Hello -
    I checked out their site and it looks like they already built this in, but maybe those permissions are not enabled by pentaho?

    Keith Brophy added a comment - 25/Aug/04 01:03 AM Apologies for the delay in responding. This functionality has been added to version 3.0 (formerly known as 2.7) which is due out in a "preview release" this week. Two new permissions have also been added:
    • Ability to view voters & watchers
    • Ability to edit watcher list
    With the first permission, users can view the watcher list of an issue (the voter list is also accessible). With the edit permission, users can view/add/remove users from the watch list.

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