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Thread: How to search modified values?

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    Default How to search modified values?


    I am a newbie, so apologize if this is too simple or been asked before.

    I have a requirement where I have a product SKU as a DB column and I have 1 coming in from a spreadsheet. I need to compare the 2 with certain formatting characters removed e.g. - , : etc and only compare alpha numeric characters in both the fields and perform insert/update based on whether it matches or not.

    I know I have to use Stream Lookup and Insert/Update step and Modified Javascript step - but I cant figure out how to put those together to fulfill the requirement.

    How would I do that in DI (Kettle)?

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    Start that the getting started part at

    For the rest you just connect all steps with hops (in the right order).

    The comparing with the table in the field stripped of special characters will be challenging unless you e.g. also store the value as stripped value in an extra column.


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