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    Can you consider moving this forum to Nabble or Google Group or even Yahoo groups?

    The forum interface here is really odd (smaller, chronological order, search requiring captcha fillup etc).

    Dont mean to offend anyone, but I find the interface really limiting and annoying.

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    I kind of like the current board ... I don't think moving is in order

    btw you can change the "page size" on the left hand side.

    And if you're talking about preferences... google groups and yahoo groups are much worse than this.

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    We already moved away from Javaforge so we have some experience with bad forums. Honestly, this forum is not that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ritesht View Post
    The forum interface here is really odd (smaller, chronological order, search requiring captcha fillup etc)
    As pointed out, you can control the width at the click of a button, I happen to like reverse chronological order, saves having to find the most recent post on long threads, but for those that don't just go to here: and thread display options. Capatcha fillup is only if you're not logged in, why not just login? Anyway we've been dealing with a lot of spam recently so Capatch(when its not been cracked, isn't a bad thing, even though it is annoying I'll agree with that)
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